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解決済み: Avamarサーバへtracerouteができない - Dell Community 解決済み: ping疎通可能なLinux端末からAvamarサーバへのtracerouteが 以下のエラーで失敗します。何か方法はありますか? send failed: Operation not permitted networking - How to enable traceroute in linux machine I'm working on something in the transport layer and after i ran our custom policies for securing the policies i'm not able to do traceroute from the linux machine.. root@keystone-evm:~# iptables -L Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT) target prot opt source destination ACCEPT udp -- anywhere udp dpt:echo ACCEPT udp -- anywhere udp dpt:isakmp ACCEPT udp -- anywhere … Ping is not working · Issue #18 · microsoft/WSL · GitHub

RFC 1393 Traceroute January 1993 3.2 Destination Node Operation When a node receives an Outbound Packet with an IP Traceroute option, the Return Packet, if such is required (e.g., ICMP Echo Request/Reply), should also carry that option. The values in the ID Number, OHC, and Originator Address fields should be copied into the Return Packet.

> traceroute: icmp open socket: Operation not permitted user root can run these two command without any problems. We find when we login to cPanel by root, under "cPanel->Security->Tweak Security" there is an option "Traceroute Tweak" After we configure it to enable traceroute, user "abcd" can use traceroute. Linux router port forwarding & ping issues Oct 18, 2004

RFC 1393 - Traceroute Using an IP Option

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