I do not own a ea6400, but I looked at the user interface online and it does not seem to have repeater. But, If you have a cat-5 cable going from the first router (LAN port) to it, you should be able to plug it into the WAN port on the 6400 and set it to bridge mode instead.

RATS - Analog Repeater This repeater utilizes full CTCSS encoding and decoding at 74.4Hz. IRLP service is available. The original 146.88 repeater signed on in 1971 from a location near Overbrook Rd and North Lombardy St in Richmond. It was a GE Progress Line (ProgLine) repeater with an antenna only about 80 feet in the air. Repeater Benefits – Repeater.org The Cambridge Tower repeater on 442.000 is dedicated to serving and supporting the community through volunteering and communications. Our services partly include: Providing communications for local bike and other events benefiting local non- profits such as the Capital 10K; Demonstrating amateur radio at public events. MR3420 as a bridge or repeater - TP-Link SOHO Community

The short version: WDS is real bridging, Universal Repeater is a form of NAT where the repeater impersonates its clients. WDS must be configured at both ends. Universal Repeater will work even if it only has a normal client/station connection to the access point it's repeating. – …

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Cellular repeater: This is a radio repeater for boosting cell phone reception in a limited area. The device functions like a small cellular base station , with a directional antenna to receive the signal from the nearest cell tower, an amplifier, and a local antenna to rebroadcast the signal to nearby cell phones.

Wi-Fi Booster vs Repeater vs Extender vs Access Point Jun 19, 2020 RadioRA 2 Repeaters Power Main / Auxiliary Repeater: 9 V- 300 mA See Low-Voltage Transformer spec (Lutron ® P/N 369561) Typical Power Consumption Main Repeater: 3.1 W Test conditions: one LED on, Ethernet cable plugged in, powered by the 9 V- adapter Auxiliary Repeater: 0.6 W Test conditions: one LED on, powered by the 9 V- adapter Regulatory Approvals Cisco IOS Configuration Guide for Autonomous Aironet Aug 15, 2018