Enable Active Directory / LDAP authentication in Apache Ástþór IP . If you already have a central directory of users installed (AD or LDAP) you can configure most applications to use that directory instead of a local database for each application and make the user management much easier.

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Manual :: Authenticate against an LDAP server

Nov 17, 2015 Secure Apache Web Pages with LDAP Authentication

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BookStack can be configured to allow LDAP based user login. While LDAP login is enabled you cannot log in with the standard user/password login and new user registration is disabled. BookStack will only use the LDAP server for getting user details and for authentication. Data on the LDAP server is not currently editable through BookStack. Linux LDAP authentication - Linux.com Sep 21, 2005 How to Troubleshoot LDAP Authentication Aug 05, 2019 Extension:LDAP Authentication/AD Configuration Examples